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There are 15 matching jobs for PPCTV.
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Job Title Company Name Closing Date
Assistant Manager PPCTV 27-May-2012
Driver PPCTV 27-May-2012
Marketing and Saler PPCTV 27-May-2012
Cable Technician PPCTV 27-May-2012
Video Editor PPCTV 19-May-2012
Video Editor PPCTV 31-Aug-2011
Cashier (chinese speaking) PPCTV 31-Aug-2011
Cable Technician PPCTV 31-Aug-2011
Receptionist(chinese speaking) PPCTV 31-Aug-2011
Video Editor PPCTV 17-Jun-2011
Money Collector PPCTV 20-Feb-2011
Personal Assistant PPCTV 14-Jan-2011
Receptionist (chinese speaking) PPCTV 31-Dec-2010
Graphic Designer and Web Designer(URGENT) PPCTV 31-Dec-2010
Sales and Marketing Staff - Accounting Clerk - Receptionist - Video Editor - Web Designer - Cable Technician - Cable Inspector - IT Staff PPCTV 31-May-2010
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