Upcoming Gigs 7-10 July 2017

05 Jul 2017  869 | Cambodia Events

There are a lots of American-themed music going on this week around Independence Day - (Oscar's tonight, Alchemy Tuesday, Shanghai Bar Blue Room on Wednesday). Then we have...

Friday 7th July
Miss Sarawan Acoustic Duo
Sundance Inn and Saloon
8.30pm to late

'Miss Sarawan Acoustic Duo create a fabulous mix of classic Cambodian and classic Western style music. Miss Sarawan has the high vocal range and crystal clear tone to render stunning covers of Ros Sereysothea, Houy Meas and other classic Khmer rock and roll songs. Joe Wrigley accompanies on guitar, English language classics and, yes... even a few lines of Khmer song!'

Saturday 8th July
Miss Sarawan Acoustic Duo
FCC Rooftop Bar
8.30pm to late

Monday 10th July
Clay George Country Band
Oscar's on The Corner
9.30pm to late

'A quintessentially American-style repertoire of all those Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson covers that seem to inspire hard liquor-drinking and spontaneous cowboy hat-wearing. Just perfect for a Monday night in Phnom Penh! Clay George leads a five-piece band of similarly-inclined country music-loving players featuring electric fiddler Steve Sutcliffe and guitarist Joe Wrigley'