Standardized Branding for Cambodian Handicrafts

30 Oct 2012  1232 | Cambodia Events

Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank recently introduced a so-called Ke standardized branding of Cambodian handicrafts in Kampong Thom’s tourist community in Prey Kuh temple area.

Funded by the government of Japan, the standardized branding aims to build confidence of tourists on Cambodian handicrafts.

“We have addressed the pending issue,” said H.E. Tith Chantha, General Director of the Ministry of Tourism.

“Cambodian handicrafts have long been suffered by cheaper imports, and tourists found it challenging to identify real Cambodian handicrafts,” he said.

To be authorized with the standardized branding, handicrafts have to be locally made and with quality. And mechanisms are introduced to monitor the branding authorization.

“The unique value of handicrafts is the representation of its cultural identity. The standardized branding will eventually attract more tourists and promote Cambodian cultural heritages and employment,” said H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism.

At an average, an individual tourist makes 25 percent of their total spending on souvenirs. Ke standardized branding also allows special customs exception.

Sourced: AKP