Cambodia Travel News

Emirates expands flights in ASEAN

23 Feb 2017  73

DUBAI Emirates will begin daily services to Phnom Penh, 1 July, by extending its Yangon service to the Cambodian capital.

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Emirates to start daily Dubai trips

23 Feb 2017  44

Cambodia will soon have daily flights from Dubai and Yangon as Emirates creates a new air link between the capital cities of two...

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Schools add value to property, but developers remain indifferent

23 Feb 2017  65

Although schools and hospitals help add value to borey projects and major residential developments, many new dwellings in...

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Truck Music Festival a unique stage for ‘original’ artists

23 Feb 2017  56

The non-profit music foundation IAmOriginal is putting on their first-ever music festival next weekend as a celebration of...

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JC airlines is almost ready to fly

23 Feb 2017  46

With its operating licence almost in the bag, JC International Airlines is gearing up to launch passenger service next month with...

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More hotels, more problems

21 Feb 2017  177

As the construction sector continues seeing a dramatic surge with investment, capping at a record $8.53 billion last year, the...

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Borey sales struggle as market conditions weaken further

21 Feb 2017  101

Ever-increasing competition in Cambodia’s borey market is leading to less than ripe conditions for sales activity, with some...

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At Tbal Khmer, a mom-and-pop shop expands its reach

21 Feb 2017  118

Kim Seakchalina met his wife, Chhom Chhalika, in 2001, when they were both working for the government. The two quickly fell in...

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New street food dish shakes things up at Russian Market

21 Feb 2017  121

The bustling food stalls that emerge after dark next to Phnom Penh's Russian Market can seem intimidating to tourists at first...

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Phnom Penh considers water taxis

17 Feb 2017  197

PHNOM PENH Boat services will be launched next year to ease traffic congestion in Phnom Penh by providing scheduled river and...

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At Valentino’s, a palatial club for late-night revellers

13 Feb 2017  303

A new venue in the heart of Phnom Penh is aiming to offer Cambodia’s gay community something it doesn’t have yet: a place to...

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Sihanoukville gearing up for half marathon

13 Feb 2017  218

The 6th Sihanoukville-Angkor Premium Beer International Half Marathon will hit the road on Sunday, March 5, on a route offering...

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An elevated evening of dance

13 Feb 2017  170

The Helipad of Phnom Penh’s Canadia Tower was converted into a dance stage on Thursday night for a first-of-its-kind...

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New regional platform to develop tourism companies

13 Feb 2017  261

The Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) will launch a new platform next month aimed at developing startups in the tourism sector...

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Park Café to invest in own local brew

13 Feb 2017  155

Local food and beverage company Park Café will establish a coffee plantation in Mondulkiri province to produce coffee for its...

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Looking towards Asean 2025

10 Feb 2017  169

It started as a humble and loose regional organization five decades ago, but now Asean has proved to be a beacon of regional...

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Water taxis for Phnom Penh

10 Feb 2017  179

A waterway passenger transport service via the Tonle Sap and Tonle Bassac rivers will be launched next year, bringing hopes of...

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Cambodia closes 2016 with record visits

10 Feb 2017  102

PHNOM PENH Cambodia’s tourist arrivals improved 5.0% during January to December 2016, according to the Statistics and Tourist...

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