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A 31-photograph exhibition featuring portraits of people from victimised groups alongside celebrities opens to the public today at the Vattanac Capital Tower.
Ankgor Air to add GDS  18-Dec-2015
PHNOM PENH Cambodia Angkor Air plans to expand its partnerships with leading global distribution system (GDS) networks to improve its worldwide reservations and ticketing.
SIEM REAP Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Sok An, says Siem Reap province, home to the famed Angkor temples, is creating more tourism facilities for international visitors.
Lucky Air has launched direct flights from Kunming to Sihanoukville, becoming the first Chinese carrier to offer year-round regular scheduled service to the coastal Cambodian city, an airline
Cambodia's flagship carrier Cambodia Angkor Air plans to expand its partnerships with leading global distribution system (GDS) networks to improve its worldwide reservation and ticketing system, an
British artist Nic Grey’s latest exhibition The Disappearance is peppered with morbidities – sketches of corpses, sinister skeletons, women in mourning, a disembodied heart and, on a table, a bona
SIEM REAP The Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA) reports 1.87 million international tourists visited Angkor temples, January to November, a 2.2%
Cambodia is preparing for the 4th Sea Festival in the coastal Kampot province which will be bigger than its preceding ones.
SIEM REAP Angkor Wat will undergo a major restoration in 2017, according to Apsara Authority, which manages the historic temple complex.
Angkor Wat is to receive significant new restorations in 2017, according to the Apsara Authority, which manages the historic temple complex.
PHNOM PENH Cambodia and Russia signed an air transport services agreement, last week, that will facilitate direct flights between the two countries.
PHNOM PENH Cambodia launched a campaign, late last week, to reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic waste that is littering streets in an effort to make the country more environmentally friendly
PHNOM PENH Cambodia government will crack down on hotels and resorts that restrict public access to beaches, or construct buildings within 50 metres of the shoreline.
No Angkor copy cats  30-Nov-2015
SIEM REAP India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again affirmed that it will not allow a replica of Angkor Wat to be built in India.
MONDULKIRI Provincial officials are now attempting to turn the disused Mondulkiri Airport into a public park.
Professor draws link between the influence of the French architect – central to the New Khmer Architecture Movement – and modernist architecture throughout Asia
Nearly 20 young Cambodians are taking part in a month-long course on how to make movie magic armed with little more than a smartphone and a good idea.
SIEM REAP Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Economy and Finance says returning Angkor Wat ticket collection to the government will benefit the local economy.
A new, multi-venue retrospective from British sculptor Sasha Constable explores much more than the physical aspects of her career
Cambodia arrivals climb  18-Nov-2015
PHNOM PENH Cambodia’s tourist arrivals registered an increase of 1.0% in September, according to the country’s statistics and tourist Information Department.
A newcomer to Siem Reap’s drinking scene is developing a reputation for tasty microbrews and a chilled atmosphere
Picking up on a concept pioneered in Melbourne and Singapore, the bike shop offers complimentary drinks and snacks – but only to potential customers
SIEM REAP Cambodia’s government has ended a ticket sales contract at the famed Angkor Wat Temple complex saying it will establish a public enterprise to take over ticket sales next year.
The signature dish at smart new Thai restaurant Tummour is spicy papaya salad, and they do it well. A taste test this week found the palm sugar, chilli, lime, garlic and fish sauce all doing their bit
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