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Cambodia’s Ministry of Information organizes this morning the traditional “Troddi” Dance which is performed to chase out bad lucks in the old year and wish for good lucks in the upcoming Khmer New
I nervously stepped up onto a shaky rusted stairway, leading to a planked walkway where I first saw the dozens of mature crocodiles who, I was later told, hadn't eaten in over a week. There was no
Google Maps has added Cambodia's ancient temples of Angkor to its World Wonders Project.
Google Maps has a new addition to its virtual world. The new addition is Angkor Wat.
The temples of Angkor were filled with Bollywood singing and dancing this week, as film stars Srikanth and Neelam performed for the cameras for Om Shanti Om, the first Indian film to be shot in
Atwo-ton cake will be served to revellers at Angkor Wat this Khmer New Year. Created by chefs at Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa, the cake is a super-size version of the traditional num ansom, the
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — The spectacular temples of Cambodia's Angkor civilization have been incorporated into Google's Street View, a boost to the impoverished country's tourism industry that also adds
The latest addition to Google’s Street View imagery is one of the oldest heritage monuments in the world — Angkor Wat temple, in Cambodia. Images of the famous Angkor complex, dating back more than a
A Passage to India  31-Mar-2014
One thousand years ago, Indian architecture and the Hindu religion influenced the construction of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temples. Earlier this month, I did the reverse commute, visiting India with 20
Yin Vuth, one of hundreds of Cambodians who protested against the Don Sahong dam over the weekend, said that if construction on the project in Laos goes ahead, the fish will disappear, and once the
Nang Sokearath, 25, who leads his team of blind musicians performing traditional and wedding songs at the markets in temple town says, “I want to become a pianist.”
World Vision Cambodia in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism on Wednesday launched a new nationwide child-safe tourism campaign, aiming to prevent child sexual exploitation in the tourism sector.
In an effort to prevent children from being sexually exploited by tourists, World Vision, the Ministry of Tourism and the anti-human trafficking police launched a nationwide Child Safe Tourism
The House That Art Built  24-Mar-2014
For years, Leang Seckon dreamed of having a home near Angkor that would be an extension of his art.
Friends in high places  24-Mar-2014
A Chinese developer with a “family-like” relationship to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s bodyguard unit has accelerated construction at its $5 billion resort – ostensibly cancelled by royal decree in 2010 –
The Angkor Sangkran celebration will again be a feature of Khmer New Year’s observances in Siem Reap. This is the second year the Sangkran will be held, but this year it will be bigger, more exciting
SIEM REAP, 17 March 2014: Officials acknowledge construction of the new Siem Reap International Airport terminal has been delayed for a third time due to a hold-ups in design and layout approval.
Women have been playing a vital role in the tourism sector, said H.E. Thong Khon, Cambodian Minister of Tourism, at a celebration of the 103rd anniversary of International Women’s Day held here late
Two cruise ships – Volendam and Europa 2 – with almost 2,000 multi-national tourists on board dock at Preah Sihanouk International Seaport on Mar. 8 for a one-day visit there.
Tourists often travel to Cambodia not just to see its sights, but to do good deeds too. Cambodia is a fertile field for charity; thanks to its bloody recent history (read about the Khmer Rouge and
Speaking at a government forum with private sectors in Phnom Penh, Hun Sen said the original idea from the Japanese side is reasonable and could lead to an increased number of tourists from Japan.
The country’s aviation authority says a US$100 million project to expand passenger terminals at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports is underway.
Cambodia forecasted to receive 4.7 million foreign visitors in 2014, an estimated rise of 12 per cent from 4.2 million in 2013, China's Xinhua news agency quoted its Minister of Tourism Thong Khon as
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen expects the country to welcome 8 million foreign visitors by 2020.
Global day tour company, Urban Adventures has extended its range of free travel apps with the release of new city guides for Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, which provide travellers with in-the-know
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