Local airline to use airRM for revenue management

22 Feb 2018  366 | Cambodia Travel News

KC International Airlines, a joint venture of Chinese and Cambodian investors with a registered capital of $100 million, will use airRM as their revenue management system.

AirRM, a tool created by Revenue Management Systems (RMS), will enable KC International Airlines to identify sales opportunities, maximise passenger revenues, closely control pricing, and analyse performance.

“We are honoured to become the first RMS customer in Cambodia,” said Jesper Teng, commercial manager of KC International Airlines.

“The powerful and comprehensive functionality of airRM, and the professional consulting service provided by RMS, will empower us to meet passengers’ needs and gain a big competitive edge in the market.

“They will support our growth into a leading regional airline in Southeast Asia,” he added.

KC International Airlines is headquartered in Phnom Penh international Airport and connects the kingdom to mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, as well as to the rest of Southeast Asia.

Landie Qiu, RMS’s sales manager for Asia-Pacific, said there is enormous potential for Cambodia’s aviation sector to soar in the coming years.

“KC International Airlines is RMS’s seventeenth customer in Southeast Asia, and the very first in Cambodia,” she said.

“Adding KC International Airlines is a great opportunity for RMS to bring the latest RM technology and best practice techniques to the country.