Five-star Far East: Cambodia goes chic at super Song Saa (private time zone included)

21 Jun 2012  1139 | Cambodia Travel News

The idea that I might ever stay on a private island has always seemed remote. I'm not friends with Richard Branson or Philip Green, and my holiday budget usually stretches no further than a tent on the Isle of Sheppey.

So when invited to spend a few days on Song Saa, Cambodia's first private island resort, I jumped at it.

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Only later did questions begin to nag about those two words 'private' and 'island'. You would be confined to a tiny area, there would be no strolling to the local village or cycling through nearby scenery. You'd share a space the size of a couple of football fields with strangers, and I'd even heard of someone who found the place so peaceful, he suffered terrible nightmares every night.

I had a few days to ponder this before arriving at Song Saa, because the trip included a short tour of some sites around Siem Reap - notably temples in and around the Angkor complex.

Much has been written describing Angkor Wat, so I shall merely add that of the three temples I visited - Bayon, Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm - the last was my favourite.

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