Aspara studying ticket cost

13 Jul 2012  1519 | Cambodia Travel News

Ticket prices for Angkor Wat will increase after a feasibility study is conducted by tourism experts, according to an official from the Apsara National Authority, the state-run body charged with maintaining the archaeological park.

The experts were determining how feasible increasing entrance fees for Cambodia’s UNESCO World Heritage site would be, but had not provided a date when they expected to present their results, authority general director Bun Narith said.

“They are looking into ways to increase the amount raised through ticket sales before we take the conclusions to the goverment for approval, pending which there will be an increase,” Narith said.

The plan would not directly increase the general entrance fee of $20 per person for a one-day pass, but was an effort to steer tourists towards less-visited locales in the park to ease congestion and wear and tear on the temples, he said.

Cambodian Association of Travel Agents president Ang Kim Eang said the study was a welcome look at Cambodia’s largest tourist attraction and the price of tickets in Cambodia was still inexpensive compared with those in neighbouring countries, but an increased entrance fee was not necessary at this time.

“We welcome the study prior to any specific increase, as a clear study will help ensure there is as little impact on visitors as possible,” Eang said.

According to Ministry of Tourism figures, visitors to Angkor Wat increased by nearly 29 per cent during the first five months of this year compared to the same period in 2011.

Sourced: Phnom Penh Post