Royal Brunei Airlines hosts fam trip to Brunei for a special consortium

07 Jul 2012  591 | World Travel Fairs

SINGAPORE - Royal Brunei Airlines has organized a familiarization (fam) trip to Brunei for a Malay consortium consisting of representatives from travel agents in Singapore. Royal Brunei Airlines has partnered with the Brunei Tourism Board for this initiative to promote Islamic Tourism in Brunei.

To be held from July 9-13, 2012, the fam trip is designed to promote religious aspects and aims to offer the consortium a better understanding of how Islam is practiced in this part of the world.

Commenting on the initiative, Lim Guat Wen, Country Manager Singapore, Royal Brunei Airlines, said, “We are delighted to organize such familiarization trips, as they are one of the best ways to communicate with travel decision makers. It gives them first-hand experience of a destination and its attractions for tourists and other visitors.

“Brunei is the only remaining sovereign Malay Islamic monarchy and this trip will help the agents guide their customers better when planning a visit there. Brunei is the place to be for Muslims wanting a spiritual retreat away from the hustle and bustle of today's lifestyles. I am sure the consortium agents will enjoy the experience of Brunei and, of course, flying with Royal Brunei Airlines and our unrivaled levels of onboard service.”

The consortium will enjoy tours of Southeast Asia's most iconic mosques namely Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien and the Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah, coupled with a showcase of ancient artifacts and relics. Additionally, the tour will also include visits to key historical and spiritual centers, together with shopping hubs. The tour will also include a boat ride offering stunning views of the Royal residence, Istana Nurul Iman, as well as Pulau Ranggu, an island in the middle of the river, which is inhabited by the rare proboscis monkey, native only to Borneo.

Besides showcasing the spiritual aspects of the country, the itinerary will also feature the lush and verdant side of Brunei. The group will travel by speedboat into the luxuriant and pristine tropical rainforests of Temburong and experience an overnight stay at Ulu Ulu Resort that is nestled in the middle of the vast Ulu Temburong National Park Rainforest.

The consortium will enjoy the lavish hospitality of Royal Brunei Airlines, an airline rich in traditions. As a boutique airline, Royal Brunei Airlines is known for offering the highest standards of personalized in-flight and customer service. The airline currently operates twice daily flights between Singapore and Brunei.

Sourced: eturbonews