Air travel still popular in social media generation

11 Jul 2012  495 | World Travel Fairs

Regardless of the social media revolution, air travel prosperity is set to continue, according to the results of Airbus’ latest global study.

A survey of 10, 000 individuals across ten countries, sought to identify what passengers wanted from air travel in the future.

63 percent of those surveyed said they would use aviation transport more frequently by 2050.

According to 60 percent of respondents, social media won’t replace the need for personal contact.

“Aviation is the real World Wide Web,” Airbus executive vice president, engineering Charles Champion said.

“The results of the survey show that there is nothing better than face to face contact. The world is woven together by a web of flights that creates ever-expanding social and economic networks; 57 million jobs, 35 per cent of world trade, and US$2.2 trillion in global GDP.”

An overwhelming 96 percent of respondents said that aircraft will need to be more ‘eco-efficient’ and sustainable in the future.

“It's clear that people are really excited about the future of sustainable flight and we want them to be part of shaping that future,” Mr Champion said.

When asked what they thought were viable solutions to aircraft sustainability, 86 percent of respondents said less fuel burn is key, while 85 percent would opt for a reduction in carbon emissions.

Sourced: etravelblackboardasia