Ten defining trends in Asian Travel & Tourism

07 Dec 2017  125 | World Travel News

The 10 Key Trends in Asian Travel & Tourism report by Check-in Asia examines 10 defining trends in Asian tourism, ranging from Chinese and Indian outbound travel and domestic tourism in South East Asia to the growing appeal of sporting adventure, augmented reality and previously off-radar destinations and the looming shadow of overtourism    

These trends highlight the diversity and scale of change across Asia’s travel and consumer sectors, and illustrate the overlapping influences of domestic, intra-regional and international tourism in the region.

Key quotes from the report include:

  • “China’s tourism juggernaut is transforming the travel sector from top to bottom.”
  • “African tourism providers are ramping up their efforts to tap Asian travellers’ growing appetite for locations beyond the ordinary.”
  • “If you deposited a dollar every time a travel CEO in Asia dropped the phrase ‘independent travellers,’ you could buy Bitcoin.”
  • “The overtourism issue will move further into the mainstream across Asia and worldwide in 2018.”