Local chain expands in Bandung

23 May 2012  546 | World Travel News

HOTEL Vio Indonesia, a hotel chain managed by Dafam Hotels, is planning to add 600 rooms to its Bandung inventory over the next few years.
Speaking to TTG Asia e-Daily during the soft launch of Hotel Vio Pasteur Bandung last weekend, Hotel Vio Indonesia owner and Multi Sarana Propertindo president director, Karadi, said: “Bandung is by no means saturated. You keep seeing kilometres of traffic during weekends – which gets worse during long weekends – between Jakarta and Bandung, showing that there is a market and it is growing year after year.”

The 62-room Hotel Vio Pasteur Bandung is Dafam Hotels’ second property in the city, in addition to the 30-room Hotel Vio Cimanuk. The 40-room Hotel Vio Express Pasopati is expected to open later this year, and two more hotels are in the pipeline.

Karadi added: “We will have some 600 rooms in Bandung, but not (all) in one location. Instead, we will spread them across eight to 10 strategic locations, creating a chain of properties that cater to different guests’ needs.”

Dafam Hotels managing director, Andhy Irawan, emphasised that the varied locations would appeal to different travellers, while each hotel would also offer unique facilities. For example, Vio Cimanuk is close to factory outlets and the city’s old garden, while Vio Pasteur is just off the Jakarta-Bandung toll road and five minutes away from the airport.