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Trip to Nyingchi

Posted Date: Monday, 28-May-2012

Linzhi, or Nyingchi, often referred to as the throne of the sun in Tibetan by locals, is indeed where the sun rises every day compared to other places in Tibet. Located in the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River of the southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region, Linzhi is blessed with a semi-humid climate and fascinating scenery. The Himalayan and Tangula mountains wend their way from west to east to join the Hengduan Mountains. Because of the large number of river valleys and alpine gorges, Nyingchi is sometimes referred to as the 'Switzerland of Tibet.' Basum Lake is one of the best known tourist attractions in Linzhi. Tucked inside the alpine gorge, the sapphire-like lake reflects the surrounding snow mountains, as well as inhabited diverse wildlife. (

Sourced: Xinhuanet

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