Indonesia To Join Pacific Alliance As Observer

11 Jul 2012  1498 | World Travel News

LIMA, July 11 (BERNAMA-NNN-ANDINA) -- Peru's Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Jose Luis Silva announced Tuesday that Indonesia will join the newly-formed Pacific Alliance, a regional alliance comprising Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru as an observer.

Silva said having Indonesia as an observer is evidence of the Pacific Alliance's efforts and interest in promoting foreign trade and investment among countries in the Pacific region, in the Americas and Asia.

He described the Pacific Alliance as a group that promotes "complete movement with no barriers of goods, services or people."

Silva yesterday attended a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), at which Peru was invited as special guest to promote trade opportunities among member countries in this bloc.

The Peruvian minister also signed a memorandum of understanding with Indonesia's Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan which seeks to strengthen bilateral trade ties.

Silva said a group of Indonesian officials will visit Peru in the coming weeks to explore the possibility of purchasing agricultural products.

Sourced: bernama