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Where to Stay - Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

Where to Stay

There are many small hotels and guesthouses in towns where tourists can reach it easily.
Sokha Guesthouse: (tel: 026/988632)
This guesthouse is quite a charming place in a small, green street. The rooms are mostly equipped with fans or air-con and a western bath at around US$ 8-10. Guest have to order their breakfast or dinner in advance, but this'll soon change.
Rathisen: (tel: 026/988622)
This place is located next to the river. It's one of the only hotels in town with basic equipment such as air-con, fan, western bath and TV its recommendable. Unfortunately some of the rooms are a bit sticky due to its windowless status. If you want to enjoy your stay ask for one of the rooms with river view or to the back laying rice fields.
Metapheap Guesthouse: (tel: 012/949297)
This guesthouse is located next to the independence monument. It has light and clean rooms equipped with air-con, fan and a western bath. Downstairs you'll find a restaurant. The prices are around US$ 5-8.
Phkay Proeuk: (tel: 012/932919)
This basic guesthouse is in the Souzhwest of the town centre located. The rooms are clean and equipped with fans and additional bathroom. The prices are reasonable; US$ 5-7.
Half Way House:
The Half Way House is a restaurant with a pub, which has also bungalows for rent to offer. This is a nice western place run by the amiable Paul, a British-Kenyan that knows the area pretty well. Paul has a Thai wife and lived in Thailand for a number of years. The establishment sees most of it's business coming from the foreign de-miners and the community based NGO in Kampong Chhnang Province. The place features good pub grub and ice cold drinks. There are also eight, fully, appointed bungalows for rent at US$ 15 per night.  More accommodation may be in work.

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Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang

Phnom Da
Visit Kampong Chhnang with your friends and relatives for a peaceful holiday. On your visit to Kampong Chhnang you can spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature. details...
Phnom Krang Romeas
Phnom Krang Romeas is located in Sre Thmei and Svay Chrum communes, Rolea Paear district, about 2 kilometers from the provincial town. It is a natural site abundant details...
Phnom Neang Kang Rey
Phnom Neang Kang Rey How to go: 14km (1h) From Provincial Town. Location: Description: Nature Wildlife Preserves, Location: Trabek Village, Trangil Commune, KomPong details...
Phnom Roap Bat
Phnom Rabbat is a cultural and natural site located in An Doung Chhey district, Andoung Chhey commune, Rolear Paear, about 12 kilometers south of Kampong Chnnang details...
Phnom San Touch
Phnom Santouch is a natural site located at Santouch village, Sre Thmei commune, Rolea Paear district, about 3 kilometers north of the provincial town. Points of the details...
Phnom Ta Ind
Phnom Ta Ind How to go: 3km (3mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Description: Nature Wildlife Preserves, Location: Trapang Anchang Village, Svay Chrom Commmune, details...
Phnom Ta Pi
Phnom Ta Pi How to go: 10km (1h) From Provincial Town. Location: Description: Historical Sites and Buildings, Location: Phnom Tepi Village, Komponghao Commune, details...
Phnom Ta Reach
Phnom Ta Reach is the natural and historical site related to the Pol Pot time (1977-197). The site is located at Phnom Touch village, Pong Ro Commune, Ro Lea Pha Ear details...
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