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Where to Stay - Kratie, Cambodia

Where to Stay

Oudom Sambath Hotel: (tel: 012/965944)
The Oudom Sambath Hotel is set in a convenient location 150m North from the boat landing stage and is enhanced with modern amenities. All the guestrooms at the hotel have all the comforts expected in a hotel in its class (2 stars) to make guests feel at home. This place is one of the most comfortable ones in town and comes with fully equipped rooms; cable TV, AC, hot water, fridge and Western bath. They also offer smaller rooms with fan and bathroom at a lower price. Prices from US$23 to 35.

Re Lais Du Chlong Hotel Kratie:
This 2 stars hotel is located right next to the riverside just 100m far from the pagoda. All the guestrooms at the hotel have all the comforts expected in a hotel in its class to make guests feel at home. Convenient location, a dedicated staff and first-rate facilities make this hotel a favourite among travellers. The rooms have cable TV, AC, hot water, fridge and Western bath. Prices from US$77.

Santepheap Hotel: (tel: 072/971537)
A place you can find different rooms at different prices. It is a kind of all-rounder in town, with cheaper fan-cooled rooms in the main building with the added extra of hot water. It's located just across the river road from the boat landing. It's the sister hotel of the Mekong Hotel in Kampong Cham town. It features rooms with a river view, a big Western bath, twin beds, TV and a/c for US$ 15 a night. The fan rooms are US$ 7, but have no TV.

Heng Heng Hotel & Restaurant: (tel: 072/971405)
Located just across from the river, this place has a nice second-floor terrace and rooms with a nice river view. The staffs are very friendly and some speak English. The rooms are nice enough and have a Western bath, TV and fan for US$ 7. The same room with a/c is US$ 12. There is also a good restaurant on the premises on the ground floor.

Star Guesthouse: (tel: 072/971663)
One of the best budget deals in the whole town. Nice clean rooms with a Western bath and fan for US$ 5. There is a second-floor terrace overlooking the market and part of the river down the street. The owner?s sons speak English and are very helpful to give information on Kratie.

Apsara Guesthouse & Restaurant:
These rooms are small, with thin walls and a share bath. The place is kept fairly clean and comes at 8,000 riel for one bed or 10,000 riel for two beds, that's okay. There is a restaurant on the premises.

Hai Heng Guesthouse:
It's close to the Mean Guesthouse. With very low ceilings, a place for vertically challenged people, 10,000 riel per night.

Phnom Meas Guesthouse; Soksan Guesthouse; Nyta Guesthouse:
These three places are near each other just south of the market. They are all similar, clean, have a bathroom in the room and a fan. They are good value at US$ 3 a night.

Mean Guesthouse:
Similar to the Apsara Guesthouse with rooms going for 5,000-7,000 riel per night (basic).

City Map of Kratie

Tourist Attractions in Kratie

Chruoy Rey
The Chruoy Rey in Kratie is a famous historical site of Kratie. The Chruoy Rey in Kratie is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the tinsel town of Kratie. details...
Dolphin Habitat
The Dolphin Habitat, Kratie is a spectacular wildlife and nature reserve of Kratie. The Dolphin Habitat, Kratie is a favorite haven for the nature lovers and the details...
Irrawaddy Dolphins
Irrawaddy Dolphins about fifteen to twenty of these rare freshwater dolphins make their home on a beautiful stretch of the Mekong River near a small set of rapids. details...
Kampi Resort
Kampi Resort is the great natural resort providing shelter to Dolphins. When we travel along the National Road No.7 to the North about 15 Kilometers from the details...
Koh Pdao
Koh Pdao is an island located in Kratie Province in the Northeast of Cambodia.Koh Pdao is well known for its still existing fresh water dolphins living in the Mekong details...
Phnom Preah
The Phnom Preah, Kratie is a picturesque wildlife and nature reserve alluring local as well as foreign visitors alike. The Phnom Preah, Kratie is located at the details...
Phnom Sam Bok Resort
Phnom Sam Bok Resort is the natural and historical resort, locates at Thmor Kre Commune, Kratie District in 11-Kilometer distance from the provincial town by the details...
Phnom Sopor Kaley
The Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie is one of the top tourist attractions in Kratie. The Phnom Sopor Kaley, Kratie is a huge draw for the international travelers. The details...
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