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Where to Stay - Prey Veng, Cambodia

Where to Stay

Mittapheap Hotel: (tel: 012/997757)
This hotel is located on the central crossroads in town. It's a very popular small place, since many years the old timer among Prey Vent?s hotels. The rooms are clean and include bathroom and fan (some air-con), a good value for money ($5-10).

Angkor Thom Hotel: (tell: 012/953165)
This smart, but small hotel sets a new standard for the city of Prey Vent with 27 pristine rooms including attached bathroom and fan (some air-con). The prices range from US$5 to 10.

Rung Dare Hotel: (tell: 011/761052)

This hotel is located on the north-eastern corner of the town right behind the local stadium. The rooms are very clean and comfortable with bathroom and air-con. Prices range from US$6-12.


Chan Kiry Guesthouse: (tel: 011/746014)
This guesthouse sits on a headland jutting into the big lake during the wet season. Unfortunately the hotel standards do not tackle with the setting of it, but still the rooms are equipped with Satellite TV, bathroom and air-con. Prices range from US$6-12.

Sekong Hotel:
This is a very pleasant place with its nice layout and location next to the San River. Bib rooms with nice old wooden furniture and a Western bath are US$ 10 a night with a fan, or a whopping US$ 20 a night to flip on the a/c. They say the electricity is expensive in these parts. Better bargains are the simple rooms in the back of the complex. They have a fan and Western bath for US $ 5 a night. The friendly Khmer lady owner has her staff (family) head to the market for warm French bread in the mornings and serves it with espresso coffee.

Amatak Guesthouse:

Very basic rooms with a floor fan, bed and mosquito net. It's clean and there is a share bathroom for US$ 5 a night.

Preap Sor Guesthouse:
Clean and simple rooms with a Western bath for US$ 10 a night including a fan. It?s double what the price should be. Adding a/c puts the price at US$ 15.

Hotel Sok-Sabat:
It's a fairly new place with nice rooms that go for US$ 10-20 a night. They also have a Chinese breakfast in the morning.

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City Map of Prey Veng

Tourist Attractions in Prey Veng

Ba Phnom Resort
Ba Phnom is located in Chheur Kach commune, Ba Phnom district, about 78 kilometers east of Phnom Penh and 45 kilometers south of Prey Veng provincial town. Visitors details...
Ba Ray An Det Resort
Baray Andet is in Baray village, Baray commune, Prey Veng district, 3 kilometers west of Prey Veng provincial town. It is a plain on high ground surrounded by big details...
Chong Srok Temple
Chong Srok temple is located in Chong Srok village, Chong Srok commune, Srei Sithar Kandal district, about 38 kilometers north of Prey Veng provincial town. Chong details...
Fish Growing Center
The Fish Growing Center, Prey Veng is also one of the favorite Tourist Attractions in Prey Veng. This place is visited by many travelers to know about the different details...
Kampong Sne Damp
Kampong Sne Damp, Prey Veng is one of the best Prey Veng Tourist Attractions. The travelers visiting Prey Veng are all praise for the wonderful site of Kampong Sne details...
Nokor Phnom
Nokor Phnom is located in Roung Dam Rei Village, Cheung Phnom Commune, Bar Phnom District, about 45 km (1h:30mn) from Provincial Town. It is a Nature & Wildlife details...
Prey Chong Srok Temple
Prey Chong Srok Temple is located in Boeng Chor Village, Prey TorToeng Commune, Sithorkandal Distic, about 50 km (2h) From Provincial Town. It is a Historical Sites details...
Viel Brang (Veal Brang ) In the City
Viel Brang (Veal Brang) In the City, Prey Veng is one of the natural Prey Veng Tourist Attractions. The country of Cambodia has a number of attractions ranging details...
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