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Where to Eat - Pursat, Cambodia

Where to Eat

Like in Kampong Chhnang the most restaurants close quite early as the city falls apart after 9pm. To have reasonable and quite tasty food you may look for the ordinary food stalls and noodle cookshops at the market near the NH No 5.

Magic Fish Restaurant:
This riverside restaurant is located in the far north of the town. You have to look for the yellow building on the right as you drive north from town (no English sign). Nice fish dishes, for sure, as the name already promises.

River Front Restaurant:
Located about 20 meters north of the dam on the main river drag this is by far the most pleasant spot to have a meal. It?s right next to the river, so there is plenty of entertainment on hand watching the locals swim, fish and socialize. The food is good and the beer girls are very friendly. Show off and practice your newly acquired Khmer language skills with them.

Stung Pursat Restaurant & Nightclub:
That?s the top nightclub in town, which isn?t saying much. The food is fair to okay and the nightly Cambodian dance  a  thon, complete with band, starts at 8:30 pm. The beer girls will greet you at the door.
Boray Thmei Restaurant/Restaurant & Nightclub:
Around 3 km heading down the road towards Phnom Penh are where you will see these two places. They feature the standard Khmer and Chinese fare.
Lam Siveeng Restaurant:
Open for breakfast and throughout the day. It's a simple and friendly place with good food the omellets, French bread and coffee are tasty and cheap. Some of the staff speaks English.
Vimean Sourkey Restaurant:
It?s next to the hotel of the same name and has good Khmer and Chinese food.

City Map of Pursat

Tourist Attractions in Pursat

Bak Tra Resort
The Bak Tra Resort, Pursat is a very popular destination in the area and it should not be missed. The beauty of the place will surely amaze you like none else. You details...
Cardamom Mountains
Check the Koh Kong chapter for information on the fried from Koh Kong to Pailin, which cuts through the Cardamom Mountains on the western edge of Pursat province. details...
Floating Village of Lake Tonle Sap
Floating Village of Lake Tonle Sap is heading east from Pursat town, about one-third of the way to Kampong Chhnang town is the town of Krakor. Just a few kilometers details...
Kam Pong Luong Resort
Kampong Luong is a natural site located on the Tonle Sap in Kampong Luong commune, Krakor district, about 35 kilometers east of Pursat provincial town. The site is a details...
Leach Village
It is visited by both locals and foreign tourists. The scenic beauty of the Leach Village, Pursat matched with the rich rustic tradition has made it a very popular details...
Luaing Trach
Luaing Trach is located in Lang Trach village, Svay Sa Commune, KraKor district, about 49 kilometers (1h:30mn) from Provincial Town. It is Nature & details...
O'Da Rapids
O'Da Rapids is a river picnic area that the locals head out to on weekends to have a swim and kick back for a while about 52 km from town. There are Thais and details...
Phnom Ba Klas
Phnom Ba Klas is a natural and cultural site located in Tnaot Chum Village, Tnaot Chum cmmune, Krakor district, about 20 kilometers east of the provincial town. details...
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