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Where to Stay - Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Where to Stay

Pounleurasemei 2 Guesthouse:
Names this long should be illegal. It's good value at US$ 5 for a fan room and US$ 10 a/c. The rooms have a Western bath and some have a view of the river.
Chamnortunle Guesthouse:
(A shorter name than the neighbour, but not by much.)
There is a nice second-floor terrace over looking the Mekong River. There are US$ 3 fan rooms on the third floor. The other rooms have a Western bath and TV added. US$ 5 for a fan room and US$ 10 for adding a/c. These next four places are close to the market ad river:
7 January Guesthouse:
It's a dive, but at 5,000 riel that's what you get. It has a share bath and a second-floor terrace.
Angkor Thom Guesthouse:
Same as the 7 January, US$ 30 on a monthly basis.
Chann Chhaya Guesthouse:
It's the same as the others at 5,000 riel.
Nava Guesthouse:
In the middle of the pack of the three others. There are small, clean rooms with a Western bath in each room at US$ 5 a night.
Monorom Guesthouse:
Newly refurbished, they now have nice rooms with TV, fan, Western bath for US$ 5, adding a/c puts the cost at US$ 10. There is karaoke on the premises and the place always has working girls hanging around making this place fairly lively for Kampong Cham. It's located behind the Mekong Hotel.
Bopharik Guesthouse:
It has a nice terrace overlooking the market, Simple fan rooms with Western bath for US$ 5, $ 10 for a/c.
Bopear Guesthose:
Located one block in from the river, it's a clean and well-run place. There is also a nice second floor terrace. Western bath and a big fan room go for US$ 4.
Sengly Guesthouse:
This place has simple rooms with attached bath for US$ 4 w/fan or US$ 10 a/c.
Hakly Guesthouse:
Unfriendly staff makes this place a bad choice even though the rooms are fairly decent.
Kimsrun Guesthouse:
A simple place with a small restaurant on the premises. US$ 3 a night.


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City Map of Kampong Cham

Tourist Attractions in Kampong Cham

Chhrouy Chek
Chhrouy Chek is a name of the place that was built for stocking water to irrigate the rice fields. Its beautiful flora and water sources have made it a popular details...
King's Residence, Kampong Cham is considered as one of the most important tourist attractions in Kampong Cham. The ancient palace of King's Residence, Kampong details...
Koh Pen Beach
2km (2mn) From Provincial Town. Operations of Recreation Park and Beaches, Location: Kampong Cham & Kampong Siem District. details...
Man-Made Resort Of Teuk Chha
Next to the temple, there is a canal existing since the ancient time. The canal has water all year round, either dry or raing seasons; water which is clear and details...
Nokor Bachey Temple
Nokor Bachey temple is a cultural and historical site. It is located 2.2 kilometers from Kampong Cham provincial town along National Road 7, about 122 kilometers details...
Phnom Han Chey
Han Chey Mountain has official name Chey Kiri Mountain located at the East of Kampong Cham province, at the northern part of Mekong River. This resort located at details...
Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros
Located at Kro La Commune, Kampong Siem District in Seven- kilometers distance from the provincial town of Kampong Cham or 114-kilometers distance from Phnom Penh details...
Preah Theat Teuk Chha
Preah Theat Teuk Chhar is a group of temples in Thmo Da village, Beung Nay commune and Thmei village, Krouch commune in Prey Chhar district, about 39 kilometers from details...
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