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Bah Hoi Village - Pailin

Bah Hoi Village - What to See

Bah Hoi Village You will pass through an internal refugee camp from different areas of the country that were formerly under khmer Rouge control and are now in the hands of the government. The people feel more safe around their own kind (ex-Khmer Rouge) and with the Pailin faction of the Khmer Rouge still having effective control of the area; they don?t worry about government soldiers hassling them. The people are quite friendly and don?t mind a chat.

The Bah Hoi Village, Pailin City is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pailin City. Home to a plethora of places of interest, Pailin City is a charming town situated in the west of Cambodia. The city is nestled between Battambang and the border of Thailand. The Bah Hoi Village, Pailin City is one of the places worth a visit in Pailin City.

Coming to the Bah Hoi Village, Pailin City you will pass through a camp of internal refugee. These refugees hail from different parts of Cambodia which were formerly under the control of Khmer Rouge. These areas are now under the control of the government.

The people at the Bah Hoi Village in Pailin City feel quite safe residing at this refugee camp. The people are quite pleasant and are always open to a chat. You will get to know a lot about them and their lifestyle by chatting with these people. Take a stroll along the village and discover the nitty-gritty of their daily life.

Hordes of tourists come to the Pailin City throughout the year. The surrounding area of the city is rich in gemstones. A variety of precious gemstones can be found in these areas. For majority of the tourists in Pailin City, the Bah Hoi Village, Pailin City is a prime attraction on their tour. This unique village must be in your list of must-visit tourist spots in Pailin City. provides complete online information about the Bah Hoi Village, Pailin City and other tourist attractions in Pailin City.

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