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Phnom Preah Theat - Stung Treng

Phnom Preah Theat - What to See

Phnom Preah Theat is located in Thmey Village and Commune, Stung Treng District, about 2 kilometes (5mn) from Provincial Town. It is a Nature Wildlife and Preserves.

The Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng is one of the natural sanctuaries of Cambodia and happens to be one of the chief tourist attractions in Stung Treng. The Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng is situated in the quaint realms of the hamlet better known as Thmey. Tourists flock to the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng to get a glimpse of the dense forests of the reserve as well as its unique and rare wildlife.

In fact, some of the grounds of the Phnom Preah Theat in Stung Treng in Cambodia are so thickly filled with vegetation that it is impossible for the sun's rays to penetrate them. There are some pathways that run across the entire length of the Phnom Preah Theat in Stung Treng. These pathways have been constructed so that tourists can walk through them comfortably as the terrains of the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng are quite 'jungly'. However, tourists are not permitted to walk by themselves. The professional guides of the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng escort them through the jungles. This they do to prevent the tourists from encountering wild beasts or getting entangled with some branch of a tree.

So don't start at the slightest rustle of a leaf under your feet because you can be rest assured that your guide won't take you anywhere near a zone that snakes haunt. The conservationists and zoologists of Cambodia and the globe take active measures in the form of breeding programs and feeding programs to prevent the beasts of the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng from reaching the brinks of extinction. The environmentalists and botanists, on the other hand, always look for opportunities so that they can carry out their afforestation measures in the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng. Some of the species of wildlife that the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng is home to are extremely rare and have no chance of survival on this planet unless they avail of the growth and development measures practiced in the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng. For the Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng is full of ecosystems and ecological niches that make its environment perfectly compatible for animals to exist.

Nearly six years after my previous visit, just off National Road 2 on the way from Phnom Penh to Tonle Bati, I called into Wat Preah Theat. There's a new vihara under construction and if you didn't know it was there, you'd miss the remains of Prasat Preah Theat, as its tucked away at the back of the pagoda compound. The monks were meditating so no-one was around to pump for details, which was a similar story six years ago, so I'm still no further forward in understanding the history behind this temple. Can anyone shine a light on Prasat Preah Theat, located in the Bati district? There's a couple of prasats that go under the same name, so make sure its the Bati one.

Map of Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng
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