Essential guide to visit Cambodia

25 Sep 2017  737 | Cambodia Travel News

It is the holiday season once again, and all roads are heading to Cambodia. The long awaited grand destination this year is the Cambodia tour, where you will unwind and let loose. It is time to take the edge off and relax from the crazy cold and winter seasons. It could be a combination of the Vietnam and Cambodia tours, and the fun is not about to stop. Since it is your first time to Cambodia, you may have cold getters to roam around the beautiful country. Cambodia is the best destination because of the new tourist destinations all over the country that bestow beauty and epic adventure. It may be flawed, but Cambodia has its greatness. Well, let us give you a heads-up about your trip as you take these fascinating Cambodia tour packages.

About Cambodia
Cambodia has the friendliest people in the world. Believe me! After experiencing the worst genocide of time that claimed the lives of approximately 3 million, Cambodia has emerged better than before. The incident that took place between 1975 and 1979 under the regime of Khmer Rouge stands as the horrifying genocide that is still fresh on those that survived the ordeal. Although hindered by corrupt leaders, Cambodia is fighting against all the odds to make its home ground better for its people and those that bring good to the country.

Guide to visiting Cambodia

Many of you are unaware that Cambodia uses the same coin the most countries which are the U.S dollar. If you wish, you can carry the local currency, the Cambodia Riels (KHR) for small purchases.

The kind of budget you prepare is dependent on the Cambodia tour packages you select. If you are on a tailored Vietnam and Cambodia tour, or any other organized holiday, most of the costs incurred are prepaid. Any other trip requires a budget of at least $30 per day. For a family trip, the budget should not be less than $40 in a day, considering the accommodation, food, and transport.

As appetizing as it is, the food in Cambodia is very cheap. You can spend about $1 on a meal along the local streets especially if you are on a backpacking trip. There are better restaurants all over the cities that offer finger-licking delicacies from Cambodia for around $2.50. When you miss food from home, some restaurants offer the western food from about $3 to $15 per person. Cambodia has restaurants in Phnom Phen that provide food from different parts of the world for as little as $8. Why don’t you prepare your taste buds? Depending on the Cambodia tour packages, you can cook your food. It is important that you shop at the local markets because you will get fresh and cheap produce for $25 in a week.

Cambodia is the best destination for backpackers. Do you know why? There is cheap accommodation in almost all towns. You can find hostels for as little as $3.50 for a night. The prices on the hostels can go as high$5-%10 depending on the services including breakfast and Wi-Fi as well as the season.

There are comfortable guestrooms with air conditioners, breakfast, and TV for about $20. Touring with family is also easy when it comes to finding accommodation in Cambodia. For a shared room in the cities, you can get a comfortable room for as little as $10 for a night. Travelling with family requires space, and Cambodia has the room you want. An entire home costs about $30 for a night. That is a deal you can get nowhere.

Whether you are looking for a bus, a private driver or a tuk-tuk, Cambodia has it all. The things that will determine the kind of transportation that you will select is distance and your budget. A Cambodia tour should be one filled with adventure and try new things is one of the ways to get your adrenaline full.  Tuk-tuks are fun, easy and cheap way to get around town. They will cost you about $5 for a longer distance.

Traveling from city to city is better with a bus. For instance, a bus ride from Thailand to Siem Reap will cost you around $15 per person. The mini buses are also quite comfortable for longer journeys and costs about $11 for a trip to Phon Penh from Siem Reap. It is also an amazing experience to travel by bus as you can see the vast country side all through the ride.

If you are looking to get a comfortable ride, you can hire a driver for around $20. The good thing about a private driver is because they know how to get around the big city with ease. It is also easy to find your destinations of choice while saving on time.

What to do
There is so much to do while in a combination of Vietnam and Cambodia tour. Visiting the Angkor Wat is a must-do activity. Depending on the means of transport to the ancient fort, you will spend around $35 as the entrance fee for one day. Visiting the killing field is a way to pay tribute to those that lives while fighting for freedom from oppression.
A visit to the beach is something you cannot miss to do. There are public beaches which are free and private beaches which require permit from the hotel that cleans the place. If you want to hike and camp, be ready to part with about $15, depending on the duration.

Off you go
Before taking your trip, it is important you consider the costs you will occur as an individual and those as a group. Travelling in a group or on an organized trip can be cheaper and safer.  It is better to have someone guide you on the visit to Angkor Wat or, Sihanoukville, the killing fields, and many other fantastic destinations in Cambodia.
Cambodia could be the vacation of your life, thanks to the essential guide to visiting Cambodia.  Buckle up, and let the fun begin.