Land of dreams in the Kingdom of wonder

28 Apr 2011  4235 | Cambodia Travel News

Dream Park is neither the title of new Hollywood film nor the place where everyone wishes they were. In fact it’s the name of a newly opened amusement park in front of NagaWorld.

Last year, we heard that construction was to begin on Phnom Penh’s first amusement park. The US$10 million-plus Dream Park project looked really exciting and we could not wait for it to open and see what fabulous attractions it would have.

As we approached the site last Thursday night, we could tell that it was something special because of the grass planted out the front and the flashing lights which should entice thousands of visitors, local and foreign.

The park is much bigger than other attractions in the capital. There is a maze with dinosaur statues and a large indoor playground which is just right for young children with their families to hang out.

Other activities like 4D rooms, roller-skating, racing cars, a roller coaster and much more can also be found. As well as the rides, there are shoes and clothes shops as well as food stores selling all the Cambodian favourites like duck eggs, meatballs, soup andandnbsp; soft drinks in nicely constructed places to sit with your buddies.

Luckily enough, when we went there, there was a promotion, so we did not have to buy tickets. Without the promotion, tickets will be set at 2,000 riels each, which may put off some poorer people from visiting. Furthermore, after paying for a ticket to enter the park, you have to pay extra for most of the rides and activities. For example, roller-skating costs 10,000 riels per hour, the bumper cars and roller coaster cost 5,000 riels a go. So if you want to do more than just walk around, you need to carry round a load of cash to be able to enjoy the thrills.

From our point of view, it is actually a great place for children and their families to spend time, especially at the playground. However, for teenagers like us, it is not that appealing since we had hoped that there would be so many exciting and thrilling activities like other countries abroad, but there was not much. We can say that Dream Land is rather similar to the park on Koh Pich, where they have most of the same activities.

Since the amusement has not been finished yet, we found some free spaces with construction materials messing up some places which were not really nice to hang out. But hopefully they will clean it up soon and there will be more activities for all of you to seek out.

So, for now at least, Dream Land, which sounds like an extraordinarily amazing, is not as great as the name suggests. However, just because we don’t rate it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it. And with the promise of more attractions being added soon, it may become a great place to hang out with our friends.

Source = phnompenhpost