Cambodia Attracts 1.5 Million Foreign Visitors in First Five Months of 2012

30 Jun 2012  1256 | Cambodia Events

In the first five months of this year, Cambodia has attracted over 1.5 million foreign visitors, an increase by 26 percent if compared to the same period of last year, show the statistics released recently by the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the statistics, from January to May, the Vietnamese tourists ranked first among the top ten foreign visitors to Cambodia with 305,750, up 30 percent; followed by the South Korean visitors with 204,150, up 35 percent; and the Chinese visitors with 132,000, up 33 percent.

The Lao tourists came in 4th with 81,059, up 5.4 percent; followed by the Thai tourists with 78,156, up 5.2 percent, the statistics indicate.

Some 941,450 foreign tourists visited Siem Reap province, home to Angkor temples, and the Capital City of Phnom Penh attracted 564,283 visitors, the costal areas some 136,254 visitors, and the northeastern provinces 26,573 visitors.

Last year, Cambodia received over 2.88 million foreign tourists, generating some US$1.91 billion income.

Sourced: AKP