Sarah Solemani: I would donate an organ for a new Psychoville series

14 Aug 2012  463 | World Travel News

In her BBC3 programmes, Stacey Dooley has shed light on some of the most brutal inhumanities of our world: sex tourism in Cambodia; civil war in the Congo; and the effects of the economic recession in Greece. Her style is humble and bursting with empathy and her programmes are brave, illuminating and important. She also has fantastic hair, which shouldn't matter but somehow makes for an even more satisfying watch.
This BBC1 drama followed four women coping with partners behind bars and whose journeys become cleverly entwined. The writing was authentic and full of tension and all the actresses blew me away. Polly Walker gave the most truthful depiction of stoicism in the face of crisis.


This HBO show, which screened here on Sky Atlantic, stars Laura Dern as a rehabilitated person who tries to reform the corporate world she was excluded from. It's laugh-out-loud funny but also heartbreakingly accurate in capturing what it feels like to be a frustrated, misplaced activist. Mike White and Luke Wilson's cameos make for two of the most memorable characters I've seen on TV.

My favourite TV character

Maureen and David Sowerbutts from Psychoville. They're written and performed by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith and they share exactly my sense of humour: dark, odd and sexually creepy. I would give an organ for the BBC to commission another series. And then these two would probably use it as a prop, do something disturbing with it and serve it up for tea.

Sourced: metro