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Prek Toal Bird Sanctury - Battambang

Prek Toal Bird Sanctury - What to See

Prek Toal Bird sanctury, on the Tinle Sap, is home to 120 bird species, many endangered. From January throught June it is a breeding ground for dozens of  species includding storks, ibises, cormrants, pelicans and adjuncts. During the rainy season you can visit the flooded forest and watch locals lifestyle earning their living by fishing.

Prek Toal is an entire village, Koh Chi Vang commune, Ek Phnom district, like most floating village, it is a sophisticated and bustling township of fisher-folk, boat builder and businessmen, providing everything which a town on dry land can provide it population. You can travel there by boat from/to Battambang and from/to Siem Reapp. One boat costs $70-80, so it is better to go in large group.

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