New A380-only airline

30 Nov 2017  191 | World Travel Fairs

Dublin-based Irish aircraft leasing company Amedeo is starting its own airline because it can’t find anyone to lease its A380 superjumbos. It has eight A380s among its fleet, and has a further 20 on order from Airbus. But its existing customers have not renewed the leases. It’s unable to find new customers as well, irrespective of months of persuasive negotiation.

Therefore, Amedeo is forced to find a solution of launching its own A380-only airline. It will use a unique business model and offer seats to existing careers or to potential non-traditional entities such as Airbnb.

Though passengers could buy their tickets through other companies, Amedeo would operate the flight using its own cabin crew. The service would be tailored to suit the need of the client. Collection of low-cost airlines offering long-haul flights, such as Norwegian, WOW Air, Level and Air Asia X, would be obvious targets for Amedeo to work with.